Selected Installations , Exhibitions, Performances


Kinetic Cowboy, video + kinetic sound sculpture, DADS Galerie, Liberec, Czech Republic '16

Puppen Klinik, w/Diana Winklerová, Trafačka Arena, Prague '14

Not Random, Just Complex, (press), Galerie 842, Huntington, WV '14

Breaking Apart, w/Caroline Senn (Daniel), Galerie AT, Poznan, Poland '12

Against a Hard Surface, Galerie ve Sklepě, Prague, Czech Republic '11

Cycling China with Twelve Bells, Nightingale Gallery, Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, Oregon '10

Drumming with Thoreau, University Art Gallery, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin '09

Twisted Pairs, Expanding, Alexander Gallery, Clackamas Community College, Oregon City, Oregon '09 (campus press)

Fanning Rejection, Portland Building, kinetic sound installation, Portland, Oregon '08 (review)

Many Kinds of Nothing, Montserrat Gallery, kinetic sound installation, Beverly, Massachusetts '08 (review) (review)

Garden of Dead Zones (Zahrada mrtvych zón), Ctyri dny, video installation, Prague, Czech Republic '08

Twelve Huffa Birds, Headless, Dum Umeni, exhibition, Opava, Czech Republic '08 (review)

Air Lift, Lilt with Traffic, Auzten Gallery, exhibition, Portland State University, Oregon '08 (review) (review) (review)

Usufruct, Miller Fine Art Center Gallery, installation, Linfield College, Oregon '07 (review)

"Huffa Puffa," Dul Mayrau, installation, Kladno, Czech Republic '07-08 (review)

Walters Cultural Arts Center, exhibition, Hillsboro, Oregon '07 (review)

Many Pairs Sounding, Portland Art Center, kinetic sound sculpture installation, lecture '07 (review) (review) (review)

4+4+4 Days in Motion, The Odradek Complex, installation, Prague '06

Uncovered States, Galleria AT, exhibition, lectures, Academy of Fine art, Poznan, Poland '06

Still Moving, performance, California EAR Unit, LAC Museum of Arts, California '05

The Obedient Woman, Basin Jail Installation, Basin Jazz Festival, Montana '04

Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik 2003, Waves of Grain, installation, Witten, Germany '03

Bipolar Bird Cage, Cornish School of the Arts, installation, Seattle '02

Catacomb Memories, exhibition, Diapason Gallery, New York City '01

Between Sound and Vision, Gallery 400, Chicago '01 (review)

Son et Lumiere: Volunteer Park Archeologies, Seattle '01

Three Girls: From the Heart, exhibition, Charles Wright Academy, Lakewood, WA '00

Acoustic Animation, lecture, exhibition, performance, Arizona State University '00

Synapse, installation, ArtSpace, Seattle '99

Vertical Pendulyre, University of Washington-Tacoma, permanent '99

Kästrich Galerie, Mainz, Germany '98 (review)

Paper 7 Festival, exhibition, Leopold-Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany '98 (review 1)(review 2)

Still Moving, Commencement Gallery, installation, Tacoma '98 (review)

Gaudeamus Music Festival, Stedelijk Museaum, performance-installation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands '97-98

Galerie Schüppenhauer, installation, Cologne, Germany '97-98 (review)

Percussive Art Society International Convention, installation, lecture, Los Angeles '97

Pete's Pool Sound and Video Installation, King County Fair, '97 (preview)

Point Defiance Canopy Lyre Installation, installation, Tacoma '97

Canopy Lyre, Audio Art Festival, Warsaw, performances, Krakow '96

Soundculture '96, installation, Falkirk Cultural Center, San Francisco '96

Point Defiance Sound Garden, permanent installation, Tacoma, '96

First Night (with Mario Van Horrik, Petra Dubach, David Means), installation, Tacoma '95

Catacombs of Yucatan Sound and Video Installation, exhibition, Rooster Valley, Minnesota '95

Plate Tech Tonics, installation, C.O.C.A., Seattle '94 (review)

First Night, workshop, performance, Tacoma Art Museum '94

Kittredge Gallery, exhibition, University of Puget Sound '94

Wall of Sound, installation, Seattle '93


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