reSiting, The Catacombs of Yucatan
SoundCulture 96
Falkirk Cultural Center

The installation of 4 pendulum instruments, 4 monochrome videos, and a 3-cluster of color video monitors.
The instruments consist of 2
tuned pendulings, a tuned pendulyre, and a linglyre. The pendulums for each is
driven by 4 speaker-pumps carrying subaudio frequencies.
Each monochrome monitor is paired with an
instrument and carries the stories of 9 people recounting life and work at an isolated limestone
cave and
dance hall called "
The Catacombs of Yucatan" in the 1930s. The videos are intermittent, fade to white
(also acting as a light source)
and contrast the pitched and unpitched clatter of the instruments. The cluster
of color videos consists of a 27-inch monitor on the bottom
and two 13-inch monitors on top which
are turned on axis and simultaneously broadcast the same "percussive video".

See video of installation

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