Breaking Apart

by Dan Senn and
Caroline Daniel

An installation of projected
video and recorded texts
at Galerie AT
Poznan, Poland

November 5-16, 2012
Opening, Monday. Nov. 5, 6p
Gallery Hours, M-F, 3p-6p

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See related video
on YouTube called
"Breaking Point."


Breaking Apart (2012) consists of projected video and four channels of pre-recorded texts. The video was filmed in Sydney (airplanes, the Centre Point Tower) and Palm Beach (boats), Australia, and in Watertown, Wisconsin, USA (jack hammered 19 Century concrete). The texts were spoken by Caroline Senn (Daniel), presented on 4 tracks with two fixed and two randomly reorganized within the installation space as a form of externalized mind-chatter. These elements were combined without intended meaning while recognizing the potential for spontaneous and metaphoric interpretation by individual patrons.

In the lower half of the video, the Centre Point Tower from the Sydney skyline is gradually covered by clouds over a 16 minute and 15 second period. Birds are seen moving with the motion of the clouds. The tower gesture is repeated twice over 32 minutes and 30 seconds framing the work. Above the tower frame are boats, sail and motorized, moving slowly from left to right; commercial airplanes moving right to left; and, concrete being jack hammered by Dan Senn at his his childhood home in Watertown, Wisconsin, where he and Caroline Senn (Daniel) now live and work. In the concert version "Breaking Point" (see video), street noise is heard which was recorded while taping the Center Point Tower from a 15th floor high-rise apartment on Bourke Street in Sydney, the same position from which the airplanes were filmed. The video is projected on translucent paper.