Cycling China
with Twelve Bells

by Dan Senn

An installation
of kinetic sound sculpture
at the Nightingale Gallery
Eastern Oregon University
La Grande, Oregon

October 1-29, 2010
Opening, Friday. Oct. 1, 5-7p
Lecture, Thursday, Oct.27, 6p
Gallery Hours, M-F, 11a-4p


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More about the artist
Cycling China
on Twelve IKEA Bowls
for solo percussionist.

Cycling China with Twelve Bells consists of 2 monofilament lines, 13-1/2 feet in length, which intersect at the center of the installation where they are attached to a modified audio speaker. Each is held 4-inches above the floor by red bricks which stretch the lines taut. Six pendulums are positoned on the lines which, when energized by the slight motion of sub-audio tones played over the center speaker, rock back and forth striking either the floor or the edge of an adjacent bowl made from china clay and in China. The low tones move from 0 to 11 cycles per second, and then back to 0, over a period of 20 minutes. At intervals 100 seconds, the pre-recorded sound of 1 of the 12 bells is heard over another speaker positoned near the sub-audio speaker. This acts as a tonal framework within which the complex and live striking of the bowls occur, all of which are at different pitches. The installation cycles 3 times on the hour and can be used as a metric clock.