Twisted Pairs

Dan Senn

Alexander Gallery

Community College
Oregon City
Feb 2-March 27, 2009
M-F. 9a-5p
Lecture, Feb 12, 2p
Reception, Feb 26, 5:30-7:30p

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Detail from  one of Dan Senn's expanding sound sculptures (see exhibition photos).

"Twisted Pairs, Expanding" is a kinetic sound sculpture installation consisting of eight 12-foot lengths of corrugated, black plastic drainage tubes suspended and twisted throughout the exhibition space. At the lower end of each tube, is a special sound pump, invented by the artist, inserted into the base, which uses sub-audio frequencies, 0-19 cycles per second, to expand white plastic bags attached to the opposite end. Over the course of an hour, the illuminated bags will expand and contract in a sonic milieu of micro-tonal drones and human breathing, all of which is controlled by an ever-changing, algorithmic composition.

The score for "Twisted Pairs..." is a through-composed, algorithmically re-arranged composition comprised of subaudible and audible frequencies stored on a digital divice. The piece cycles every 57 minutes and is best appreciated over an extended period of time.