Fanning Rejection

an installation
by Dan Senn

Portland Building
1120 SW 5th Ave
Portland, OR

October 6-31, 2008
6a-6p, M-F

Opening: Oct 6, 4-6p
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Imagine the Installation Space at the Portland Building filled with 12 talking rejection letters. Hanging from the ceiling, at a height of about 5 to 7 feet, will be 12 slightly curled rejections letters printed on thermal fax paper. Each will have clipped to the top a poker chip, a nickle (5 cent piece) and a piezo element all of which extends to a false ceiling on thin speaker wire. Using a special circuit, the sound of robotic voices reading the content of each letter will be driven into the paper which acts as a speaker diaphram. The sounding of each will be intermittent and part of an ever-changing playback algorithm where only 1-3 letters, on average, will be heard at any one time. The reading of a letter will be heard within a range of 2-4 feet and have the effect of drawing patrons into and around the installation. The paper speakers will be lightly moved by an oscillating fan.

This installation was realized on a grant from the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC).