Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1998)
Gaudeamus Music Festival
Curated by Armeno Alberts

see video

Performance-Installation by Dan Senn

Performance Score by Dan Senn


silence @0 start Canopy Lyre pulse CD (5 minutes silence)

5' -> Bell Wind I, wind bells until CLyre starts @5'

Acoustic CLyre starts automatically (no amplification), cue next

4' -> Too Lip Drop release flutters from long row of Too Lips

@ last flutter start Quad Preacher CD (CLyre continues acoustically)

2' -> Quad Preacher CD (Scream follows on CD, Hands Off backing follows on CD)

3' -> Scream CD/Bell Ring @scream, let bells ring near P'lyre, P'ling for slight amplification
as scream attenuates and bells ring out, bring in live Shmoos

7' -> Hands Off Shmoos improvisation (pull on strings attached to plate), fade w/ CD backing


1'-> brief silence @0 start clyre pulse CD, CLyre levels up (5 minutes silence)

4' -> Bell Wind II wind bells until CLyre starts

@5' Acoustic CLyre starts automatically (amplifiied)

10' -> Canopy Lyre Improvisation (amplified)

String Beater
Two Bells
Other Stuff

@ end of improvisation, fade to acoustic CLyre as Simple PLyre enters

5' -> Simple Pendulyre w/Stan and Kids (CLyre continues acoustically)

5' -> Simple Penduling w/Quad Preacher (CLyre continues acoustically)

6' -> Hands On Shmoos Improvisation (CLyre continues acoustically)


brief silence @0 start CLyre pulse CD (5 minutes silence)

5' -> Too Lip Hand Out distribute Too Lips to audience until CLyre starts

8' -> Flutterbye Four Improv. (start Hands On CD) (bring in amplified CLyre towards end)

3' -> Too Lip Hand In collect Too Lips from audience (CLyre continues w/o being touched)

THE END, total time = 1:08:00

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