Catacomb Memories | Leopold-Hoesch Museum Düren, Germany Papier 7: Electric Paper | Sept '98 - Jan '99 | OPENING, Sept 6, 1998 see event video (3:38) see installation video (26:41)
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Catacomb Memories is an installation of 24 micro tuned paper drums, 40 channels of talking paper, and projected video. The work was commission for the biannual Paper Festival at the Loepold Hoesch Museum, 1998, in Düren, Germany where it won the first prize among the many works presented. The piece was derived from materials gathered for a 1995 cave exhibition in rural southeastern Minnesota called "The Catacombs of Yucatan Sound and Video Installation." After Düren, the work was shown in Tempe, Arizona, and then in New York City.
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