Table of Contents to Ableton Live Set by Dan Senn for Improvisation and Performance
  Ableton Live Sets by Dan Senn
   For live improvisation and performance

Glassy Granite18

The performance set up for these sets include a 13” MacBook Pro running Ableton Live, a LaunchPad Pro used in the Note or Session modes, and a LaunchPad in the Session mode. The MBPro is connected to a Scarlet 6i6 interface with 4 discrete sound outputs for connection to front and rear speaker pairs positioned at the edges the audience area. The computer is also connected, via a HDMI cable, to a hi-rez projector (1920x1080 using a large screen) for video projections accompanying the sound improvisations. The performer, DS, sits within the 4-channel sound field, in front of the seating area wearing a lapel mic attached to the 6i6. Performances have a duration of about 40-70 minutes or so. The setup may be also used for lecture-demonstrations.

Silent Video
Play Four 18

Falling 11
Comic Pizza 18 (excerpt)
Manuel's Downside Up 11
Gandydancer 95 (with sound)
Dam Patch 11 (raw excerpt)
Zelená Chyba 07 (excerpt)

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