Table of Contents to Ableton Live Set by Dan Senn for Improvisation and Performance
     Improvisational Sets, Video and Texts by Dan Senn

from Mumma4Gam18

The performance set up includes a 13” MacBook Pro running
Ableton Live, a LaunchPad Pro and a LaunchPad MK3, a Scarlet 6i6
interface with 4 discrete outputs to a 4-channel sound system (4 speakers).
The MBPro is connected, via a HDMI cable, to a hi-rez projector (1920x1080
and a large screen) for video projections. The performer, DS, sits within
the 4-channel sound field, in front of the seating area wearing a lapel
mic attached to the 6i6. Performances have a duration of about
40-70 minutes or so. The setup may be also used for

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Improvisational Sets
Glassy Granite18

Sleight of Hand 18
T Station Drive By 18
The Big Swing 18
Mourning Glories (silent) 18
Wasteland 18
Like Family 18
Still Moving 96
T Station Drive By 18
Gandydancer 92
Zelená Chyba 18

Performance Texts
Chiclet Church 19
Echo Chase 09
Piccadily 19
Tipping Crooks 09
The Great Migration 19
Turtle Tottle Dens 19
Lillie Lou 19
The Nun-Catholics 19
The Lucky Life 19
Clara Bell 19
Waiting for Pizza 19
Breezy's 19