4GamLycon, Ableton Live Set by Dan Senn for live performance
MOrg1.2 by Dan Senn
A description of an Ableton Live Set for live improvisation and performance.
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MOrg1.2 (Mouth Organ) is constructed from 48 utterances recorded for my Odradek Complex (YouTube) installation in 2006 as part of the Four Days In Motion festival in Prague. Later on I organized it into a soundfont, the basis of this Set. The soundfont is placed chromatically over 4 octaves and presented in columns 1-7 above. Another version covers 6 octaves using only the "white" notes of a traditional keyboard, and then another version using both the white notes (ascending) and the black keys (descending). These two are effectively sortings of the the first and can be used to quickly lower the texture density of a texture.

This set based on a simple soundfont and yet produces soundfiles which are peculiar, interesting and complex. It is also well suited to being incorporated into other Sets.

Sound example: The Invading Masses of The Cluttered Mind - Sound track for video -> Chattering Underground
Note: Please use headphones or an external sound system to listen to this piece.

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