HufPuFay, Ableton Live Set by Dan Senn for live performance
HufPuFay by Dan Senn
A Description of an Ableton Live Set for live improvisation and performance
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HufPuFay 4.1 is constructed using soundfonts and sound files. The first 10 columns are variations on the Huffa Puffa sound font and the remaining 14 are from recordings of my Fayfer Harp. The Huffa Puffa sounds/files and subsequent font were recorded (Dan's voice) for an installation by the same name in Kladno, The Czech Republic, in 2007 but only a few of the sounds were used at that time. The sounds were recorded at Waterhouse Studio in Beaverton (Waterhouse was moved to Watertown, WI in 2012.

Hear a 4'23" improvised demo here -> 1) Clark Street, Before Dawn, 2) In The Dark (video)

The original soundfont, "vs1HFSndFont is represent in columns 7-10, the orange MIDI files and are comprised of vocal utterances made for the Czech installation. These include whistling, shushing, throat clearing, hacking, sniffing, wimpering, inhaling and exhaling, yawning, panting, sucking in air between my 2 front teeth and more. One recording was made with 3 subseqent variations in Columns 8-10. For example, the original MIDI recording of the whistling sound ("whis") is in row 7, reversed for col. 8, then inverted for 9, and reversed/inverted for 10. Columns 7 and 9 [A] are routed to the front speakers within a stereo field (1-2) and 8  and 9 [B] to the back speakers also within a stereo field.

Three additional soundfonts are represented in columns 1-6, "vs2a," "vs2b," and "vs2c" where the original font is expanded to additional keys. For example, if an original sound gesture included three inhaling and exhaling sounds, it may have been spread to 6 keys to include just inhalations and exhalations with 6 files (keys). This parsing enabled an increased level of recombining these sounds for performance. The 10 rows of MIDI performances here, as for version 1, were made as live performance of the soundfonts is extremely difficult for one live performer.

The remaining columns are soundfiles made from recording made in the past of my Fayfer Harp, location recording in Münster, Germany, while in residence at CUBA-Culture. These are often cut up similarly to the soundfont files as mentioned above. Each row, as before, is routed alternatively to front and back speaker.

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