Fluttering Instruments

by Dan Senn

Detail from Flutterbye Five Click photo to enlarge-> MAIN INDEX
Hear audio example See video example Hear 60' piece
Too Flutter, '92, '07
Bipolar Birdcage '02
Flutter Two Shmoos, On The Boards '99
Flutterbye Four, Gallerie Schüppenhauer '97
Too Lips Installation, Gallerie Schüppenhauer '97
Flutterbye Five at Penny Loucas Gallery '94
Too Lips on Commerce Street '92
Flutter Klutter at Commerce Street Loft '92
Too Flutter at University of Illinois '92
Ten Too Lips at Warwick Studio '90
Too Lips at University of Illinois '92
Flutter Harp '90 (drawing)
Too Lips '90 (drawing)