University of Puget Sound
Kittredge Gallery
Exhibition See Video
March 1994
front: Too Flutter 
on floor: The Trampoline Family
back: Out to Dry
Out to Dry
Consists of 32 photo scans of my face 
pressed against glass hung beneath the 
suspended frame shown in the photo. 
Two video run continuously behind the 
hanging photos: a color video of a 
mapping of inner-city weeds taken in 
downtown Tacoma in the spring of 
1993 and the other, an percussive 
animation of my face as seen in the 
photo scans and played back over 
an old b/w television. The sound track 
for one video machine consists of the text 
called Appealaspeile, an account of the 
bureaucratic ousting of a committed artist 
from a company position written and read 
in a style reminiscent of Kafka work. The 
stereo sound track for the other video is a r
eal-time feedback improvisation from 
Scrapercussion #7 made for "No Art Arts 
Day" in New York City in 1989.
The Trampoline Family
Consists of three "trampolines" each featuring t
he crushed face of three children held in a 
transparency stretched within a pine dowel f
rame. The rusted mesh on each trampoline 
acts as a Theremin which senses view 
proximity (closeness) with the resulting tone 
transmitted over piezo speakers attached to 
the back of the scanned photographs (the 
photo act redundantly as a speaker diaphram).

see Too Flutter Assembly and Performance Notes (2007)

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