Czech Rail (2007) by Dan Senn

Czech Rail is a 2-channel electronic piece for 4 loud speakers,
has a duration of 62'30," 15 sections, and is constructed
from a special programming and recording of my
Too Flutter
(1992) sound sculpture. While engineering the piece, the "cyclical"
rail sounds of this instrument evoked images of trains passing
through a Prague rail yard, sounds heard traveling about the
sometimes rickety trains of eastern Europe, scenes viewed from
the train, and then of ethereal choirs that seem to be singing
sin the distance.

Even while composing Czech Rail, I started to consider writing
choral music that would accompany the work. Then inn the
summer of 2008, after returning from Prague,
and soon after the death of my father, I began work on the

Requiem for my Father
that was completed in early February
of 2009.

Czech Rail was recorded and edited at 48K and 24 bits and is
available for performances at this fidelity.

A subwoofer shoud be used in performances.

Click section to enlarge and hear.

Section 1, 0:52

Section 2, 1:38

Section 3, 8:13

Section 4, 5:39

Section 5, 2:42

Section 6, 7:09

Section 7, 4:01

Section 8, 1:43

Section 9, 2:45

Section 10, 6:28

Section 11, 2:43

Section 12, 5:01

Section 13, 2:43

Section 14, 4:42

Section 15, 6:03
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