4GamLycon, Ableton Live Set by Dan Senn for live performance
4GamLycon by Dan Senn
A Description of an Ableton Live Set for live improvisation and performance
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Listen to a 4'37" improvisation using a portion of this set -> Drive By, Top Row

has 4 inter-related parts.

Part 1: Leftmost columns 1-4 (G1-4) are comprised of turned files (continuous ringing) recorded from each lyde of Gamelydes 1-4 (13 lydes x 4, or 72 files) and are also included in the Mumma4Gam Set and may serve as a transition to this set. Unless interrupted, when triggered they will play for the entire length of the recorded file and end. Each begins with a crescendo, as the lyde us turned to full volume, continued as such for a period of time, and then released as the sound rings off (decays) while not being turned. These were created in about 2008 in Beaverton, Oregon.

Part 2: Columns 5-20 are the 64 interpretive performance files of the I Ching by Dan mostly organized top to bottom by textural densities beginning with low density pops and ending with continuous ringing textures. The buttons colors group general sound characteristics (those that work well together) to assist improvisation. Each Lycon performance is repeated in a subsequent column(i.e., light brown 02 in column 5 is routed through front speakers followed by 02 tin column 6 hrough the back speakers. Dispersion within alternated stereo fields in randomly generated.

Part 3: The next 8 columns are recordings of 28 combinations of the Lycon 64 performances represented above and therefore are referred to as Lycombinates. As with columns 5-20, each Lycombinates is repeated in the next column with output routed to the rear speakers within astereo field.

Part 4: The fourth area of this set is comprised of full compositions. For example, “Rybanaruby” was composed in 2006 in Prague for a club by the same name where it was first performed along with lydes being improvised by from the Prague Gamelyde. At the time, this Gam had only 12 lydes. Additionally there is a piece called “Four Bells”, “Just After, Looking Back” and “On the Location of Angels” sections 1-3. All these works are lyde-based.

Strategy for using Rybanaruby. This work was made for live performance by 1-6 players each with 2 lydes each playing instrument while meandering around the performance space while turning on instrument. While still an option, here it is meant to be played with itself (right part delayed some) and with G1-4. Also, Lycon textures can be added, especially percussive mixes. 

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