Its Mirror
by Dan Senn
for solo flute
rorriM stI
nneS naD yb
etulf olos rof
Its Mirror, for solo flute, was composed using  the Raku Composition Program (RCP) developed in the early 1980s by Dan while teaching at the Canberra School of Music in Australia. The compositional data for this piece was generated in 1985, in Urbana, Illinois, but the work was left half unfinished. In September of 2013, I rediscovered the score data, and decided to reinterpret the data to produce a version version for my Czech flutist friend Lenka Kozderková.

Scribbled onto the margins of this rediscovered work was "Its Mirror, December 9, 1985, To my flutist friends." This is my first solo flute piece but other works are "Close, Then Far" (2010), and Cartwheels (2004).   

The (RCP) generated musical compositions to traditional staff lines using space=time notation with the work determined by a host of biases and data entered into the software by the artist before hand. The final task of the composer was to arrange this meta score, at the foreground level (what you will hear tonight), that is, fixing difficulties, sculpting, and reinterpreting the data—to breath life into the work. But since the work is already biased in the direction of the artist's personal taste, there is a strange sense expressive mirroring one must confront, thus the name of the piece. It is like finishing the design of a house that has been nicely roughed out ahead of time by your double.
Its Mirror incorporates a liberal use of the common fermata to not only designate held notes and rests but actual rhythms in a line. In measure 117, for example, notes of equal value are interupted by fermatas changing the rhythm of the phrase. The best way to learn the desired rhythm is to listen to the Sibelius generated mp3 file given below. And while the piece may be interpreted broadly for performance, this Sibelius generated version should be treated as an adjunct to the visual score and especially used early on for learning the piece.

Full pdf versions of the score can be obtained from the composer.

Play score with sound via YouTube