Its Mirror
by Dan Senn
for solo flute
rorriM stI
nneS naD yb
etulf olos rof
Its Mirror, for solo flute, was composed using the Raku Composition Program (RCP) which was developed in the early 1980s while teaching at the Canberra School of Music in Australia. The compositional data for this piece was generated in 1985, in Urbana, Illinois, but the piece was not finished. In September of 2013, I rediscovered the score data, a traditional 5-line staff with space=time linear notation, and decided to restart its interpretation to create the score which is given below. Scribbled onto the margins of this data was "Its Mirror, December 9, 1985, To my flutist friends." This is my first solo flute piece but other more recent works including flute are "Close, Then Far" (2010), and Cartwheels (2004).   
Its Mirror, the title, refers to the impact  of one's will on raw material when making art—a work of art is a reflection of the artist's will in these base materials. But, off course, this is never exactly true as all "raw" materials are biased in myriad ways and, therefore, will is utterly obscured like images in amusement park mirrors. Even so, the RCP was written to deal consciously and directly with this issue by creating its own tonal geography from which a musical score is shaped. An analogy to this would be in the problems facing a civil engineer who must cut an elegant road between two points on a map separated by desert, mountains, valleys, and forests. The composer, here, is the civil engineer.
Its Mirror incorporates a liberal use of the common fermata to not only designate held notes and rests but actual rhythms in a line. In measure 117, for example, notes of equal value are interupted by fermatas changing the rhythm of the phrase. The best way to learn the desired rhythm is to listen to the Sibelius generated mp3 file given below. And while the piece may be interpreted broadly for performance, this Sibelius generated version should be treated as an adjunct to the visual score and especially used early on for learning the piece.

Full pdf versions of the score can be obtained from the composer.

Play score with sound via YouTube.

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