The Book of Changes In Sound
Lycon List 1-64*
 A translation of the I Ching to sound by Dan Senn
Click on Lycons to see and hear notation symbols.
L01 The Creative Principle, 2:12
L02 The Passive Principle, 2:11
L03 Difficult, 2:12
L04 Immaturity, 2:00
L05 Calculated Inaction, 2:12
L06 Conflict, 2:38
L07 The Army, 2:20
L08 Unity, 2:43
L09 The Lesser Nourisher, 2:48
L10 Treading Conduct, 3:03
L11 Peace, 2:25
L12 Stagnation, 2:12
L13 Lovers, 2:32
L14 Great Possessons, 2:18
L15 Modesty, 2:15
L16 Repose, 2:09
L17 Following, According With, 2:10
 L18 Decay, 2:15
 L19 Approach, 2:20
L20 Looking Down, 2:42
 L21 Gnawing, 2:15
L22 Elegance, 2:25
L23 Peeling Off, 2:26
L24 Return, 2:11
                                     L25 Integrity, The Unexpected, 2:57
L26 The Great Nourisher, 2:03
L27 Nourishment (Jaws), 2:07
 L28 Excess, 2:01
L29 The Abyss, 2:21
  L30 Flaming Beauty, 2:09
L31 Attraction, Sensation, 2:03
L32 The Long Enduring, 2:08

L33 Yielding Withdrawal, 2:11
L34 The Power of the Great, 2:16
L35 Progress, 2:11
L36 Darkening of the Light, Injury, 1:59
L37 The Family, 2:23
L38 The Estranged Opposites, 2:17
L39 Trouble, 2:31
L40 Release, 2:15
L41 Reduction, 2:08
L42 Gain,2:43
L43 Resolution, 2:09
L44 Sex, 2:26
L45 Gathering Together, Assembly, 2:10
L46 Ascending, Promotion, 2:06
L47 Adversity, Weariness, 2:18
L48 A Well, 2:16
L49 Revolution, Leather, Skin, 2:21
L50 The Sacrificial Vessel, 2:11
L51 Thunder, 2:14
L52 Distilling, Disisting, 2:00
L53 Gradual Process, 2:16
L54 The Marriagable Maiden, 2:12
L55 Abundance, 2:21
L56 The Traveller, 2:26
L57 Willing Submissiveness, Gentleness, Penetration, 2:30
L58 Joy, 2:39
L59 Expansion, 2:30
L60 Restraint, 2:40
L61 Inward Confidence, Security, 2:54
L62 The Small Get By, 2:35
L63 After Completion, 2:06
L64 Before Completion, 2:25
Performances by Dan Senn at Studio FMEra, Watertown, Wisconsin, September-October, 2016. ęDan Senn 2016, BMI

* Lycons are symbolic representations in sound of I Ching hexagrams and LyconBinates are the combined performances of 2 or more Lycons.
The purpose here is to provide a cookbook of sonic environments for use as accompaniment to dance, instrumental or vocal performances.

For example, any number of Lycons or LyconBinates may be selected to accompany dancers in a presentation. High quality copies
of the sound files may be obtained for performance from the composer.