Druha Kniha
Duration = ci. 1 hour
drsných tanců od Dana Senna
An audiobook of 11 prepared contrabass improvisations, a score & a video.

The Second Book of Rugged Dances
(2024) was made using a rented contrabass performed ruggedly by Dan Senn on September 9, 2000 at Shy Anne Studio in north Tacoma, WA. This date is the most common birth day in the US and shouldn't surprise one that 13 healthy improvisations were delivered on that very day.

Each improvisation was realized on a prepared contrabass (see preparations in score in notation examples) using a cyclyical bowing technique with its strings all tuned to E-natural. The score to the far right describes this method. The video,
Gandydancer at the bottom of the middle column of this page is accompanied by the 6th improvisation here. It also includes the voice of a railroad worker, a telegrapher named Geroge Stephenson, interviewed for an installation and video in Tacoma.

epending on your browser, these recording are high rez mp3 or ogg files. They are OK for live perforances over a large sound system with the Google Chrome browser delivering the best sound. Files in .wav format are available from rakutoo (at) me dot com. The First Book of Rugged Dances is available here.

score, (m)E, was derived from a work composed in 2000 that included video that now embarrasses me. This is a bare bones version without video, stripped crudely of references to the earlier version. The "pinch mic" referred to in the score are to a large piezo mic clamped strongly to the bridge of the instrument. Output from this should be preamped and sent through a device breaking the one signal into stereo channels with one delayed by .063 seconds. These are played simultaneously, at the same volume and  behind the performer on either side. DS020824

Dan Senn (Prague-Watertown) is an intermedia artist working in music composition and production, kinetic sound sculpture, experimental and documentary film. He has been a professor of music and art in the United States and Australia and travels internationally as a lecturer, performer and installation artist. He lives in Prague where he directs the Echofluxx festivals, and Watertown, Wisconsin, the USA, with his partner-collaborator, Caroline Senn. Dan's work moves freely between expressive extremes and languages depending upon the aesthetic joust at hand. Dan is cofounder of Roulette Intermedium in New York City, Cascadia Composers of Portland Oregon, and the Echofluxx media festivals in Prague. (read more).

                 13 Improvisations
Works best in Google Chrome.


Gandydancer (1992) Video.

         See Full Score ----->(m)E