Many Pairs Sounding an installation by Dan Senn a review by Georgina Ruff

Portland Art Center 

"New Year, New Art" by Georgina Ruff, The Daily Vanguard, January 11, 2007

The Portland Art Center encourages this sort of interaction with some of the works in its show, The Other Portland: Art and Ecology in the 5th Quadrant. Created by various local artists to bring attention to the environmental conditions on the North Portland Peninsula, the pieces incorporate organic matter and incisive artistic interpretation. James Jack welcomes visitors with a balance of toxic mud and moss. Susan Harlan's slides of decaying matter shown on a light table transform plant stems into miniature minimalist art. Laura Foster's Straw Cloud creates an ephemeral sculpture from an allergy-invoking yet incredibly evocative medium. The most intriguing exhibit at the Portland Art Center this month must be the sound installation Many Pairs Sounding by Dan Senn. Originally created for The Odradek Complex installation in Prague, Senn combines sub-audio tones with tuned cardboard tubes and paper mallets to create a continuously changing audio and visual feast. (And he's willing to talk about it on Wednesday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m.) It sounds strange on paper, and even stranger in person, but the effect is somehow calming and evocative of the natural world-a good complement to the environmentally minded show.

 January 4-27, 2007


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