Journal Entry

"The electronic sounds originate from a sculptural instrument I made from scratch. Built in a studio I built from scratch. From found metal objects. From hardware and lumber from local stores used to create a new instrument and these rail-like backing sounds controlling the pitch and rhythms of the choral parts. The stems of the Too Flutter, the instrument’s name, their twists and turns regulate many of the sung rhythms. My Dad passed as I began writing the work where I mourn his death throughout. The Latin from Mozart’s Requiem is used for most of the composition but augmented by a extemporaneous text in English that pours from my heart.

Dad labored hard for his entire life in farm fields, barns, his vegetable garden and factories. He was a soldier in the Navy during WW2 under frequent attack by the fascist enemy while aboard a destroyer “tin can” in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. He was raised in poverty in southeastern Minnesoaa through the Great Depression, dreamed of not having to work so hard and was a good man. Dependable. Utterly discreet. When a neighbor man started shooting up his apartment in the night, the neighbors called the police. When they arrived they went next door, awoke my Dad who knew the guy. He entered the crazed man's flat, got the gun and never again mentioned it. After retirement from the factory where he polished light fixtures for 40 years, he worked alongside migrant workers from Mexico sorting vegetables from off the fields. He once won $5000 spending it on a visit to Australia where I was teaching electronic music. The flight scared hell out of him just as that destroyer did throughout WW2." DS October 2, 2022