Lyde Notation: A Translation of the I Ching into Sound
by Dan Senn

Click Quadrants 1-16, 17-32, 33-34, and 49-64 for detail.

This is a graphic notation system designed for use with Dan Senn's Lyde Intruments.
It was systematically derived from the 64 hexegrams of the I Ching to create 64 symbols
each of which describe the handling of one bell, or lyde, to create specific sound textures.
To see and hear these symbols, called lycons, click at the center of the quadrants below
and then on individual lycons in the yielded charts. Each was performed and recorded by
Dan Senn using four Gamelydes (groups of 13 lydes) at Waterhouse Studio
in Watertown, Wisconsin, in September and October 2016.

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