The Book of Changes In Sound
LyconBinate List*
 A translation of the I Ching to sound by Dan Senn
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L2358 Peeling Off + Joy, 2:40
L2433 Return + Yielding Withdrawal, 2:12
L2547 Integrity, The Unexpected + Adversity Weariness, 3:00
L2635 The Great Nourisher + Progress, 1:58
L2831 Excess + Attraction Sensation, 1:59
L3239 The Long Enduring + Trouble, 2:05
L3443 The Power of the Great + Resolution, 2:19
L3750 The Family + The Sacrificial Vessel, 2:20
L3854 Estranged Opposites + The Marriageable Maiden, 2:14
L4148 Reduction + A Well, 2:20
L4246 Gain + Ascending, Promotion, 2:22
L4255 Gain + Abundance, 2:40
L4345 Resolution + Assembly (One Mind), 13:02
L4457 Sex + Gentleness (Gentle Touching), 2:30
L4460 Sex + Restraint, 2:43
L5152 Thunder + Distilling, Disisting, 2:13
L5663 The Traveller + After Completion, 2:21
L5761 Submissive + Confidence, 2:53
L364447 Darkening Injury + Sex + Weariness, 2:2ž
Performances by Dan Senn at Studio FMEra, Watertown, Wisconsin, September-October, 2016. ęDan Senn 2018, BMI

* Lycons are symbolic representations in sound of I Ching hexagrams and LyconBinates are the combined performances of 2 or more Lycons.
The purpose here is to provide a cookbook of sonic environments for use as accompaniment to dance, instrumental or vocal performances.

For example, any number of Lycons or LyconBinates may be selected to accompany dancers in a presentation. High quality copies
of the sound files may be obtained for performance from the composer.