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Education: D.M.A. and M.M. Music Composition (ceramics minor); University of Illinois at Urbana '85, '76; B.S. Music Education, University of Wisconsin at LaCrosse '74.

History: Director, Echofluxx Media Arts Festivals '11-, independent artist, Watertown/Prague 2012-, Director, Newsense Intermedium, Tacoma, WA '93-'00; Associate Professor of Music, Ball State University '87-92; Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Composition, University of Illinois, Urbana '86; Lecturer in Electronic Music, Canberra School of Music, Australian National University '80-84.

Presentations: Interview (in Czech), Český rozhlas (Czech Radio) by Ladislav Železný with David Danel, September '23, Film Video Installation II, Frankfurt, SKOP Presentation, Experimental Films by Dan Senn '23, Premiere V Češtině at Music of Other Minds, KALW Broadcast 745, San Francisco '23, Premiere Free Range at SeenSound, Melbourne, Australia '23, Echofluxx 23, Prague '23, Opening of Gasworks Studio, Holešovice, Prague '23

SeenSound, Melbourne, Australia, Performance of video and electronics, SKOP Festival, Computer Music 4, University of Frankfurt, September 9, '22, Echofluxx 22, Prague, CZ, Tin Pan Salvo, live electronic improvisation '22, Heavy Glass On Granite, Light for piano and fix media, '22, The Great Migration for video, text and live electronic improvisation '22

Echofluxx 21 Prague, CZ, Dan Senn's Lyde Instruments, article by Jason Baker, RHYTHM! SCENE, vol.6 no.6, '19, Space Band presentation by Petra and Mario at Instruments Make Play, The Netherlands '19, Setkávání Nové Hudby Plus, Live performance and film, Brno, CZ, '19, The Christo Effect, documentary film, The Polish International Film Fesival, Warsaw, PL '19, Voices of Theresa, documentary film, Indie Wisconsin Film Festival, Wisconsin '19, Its Mirror, for solo flute, Cascadia Founder's Concert, Portland, OR '19, Site of Sound, Intermedia Performances by Dan Senn, Truckenbrod Gallery, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR '19, Intermedia performance, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA '19, SeenSound, "Wasteland" and "Comic Pizza", experimental video, Melbourne, Australia '19, The Never Close, performance by the Ensemble for These Times, San Francisco, Chelsea Hollow (soprano) and Taylor Chan (piano) '19, Michael Pratt, Exploring the Modern Solo Snare Drum Tradition Through Analyzing Five Snare Drum Solos, Fred Fox School of Music, University of Arizona 19

SeenSound, "Sleight of Hand", experimental video, Melbourne, Australia '18, University of Texas, lectures, concert, San Antonio '18, Four Psalms Modal, Jonathon Babcock conductor, Texas State University, San Marcos '18, Wakushoppu, audio-film performance, Prague '18, Hudebni 3, Experimental Films and Music, Prague '18, The Christo Project, Three Czech Sound Artists, documentaries, Prague/New York City '18, Voices of Theresa, documentary, World Premier, Theresa, WI '18

CDBaby Releases, Lyconbinates I, Approaching Ališka, Four Psalms Modal, '17, The Nobal Snare, Peeping Tom (1988) for snare drum and voice, 2nd Edition Concert, performance by  Alexandros Fragiskatos (ASU), University of Akron '17, Approaching AliškPrague, a (2017), for video and fix media, Echofluxx '17, Seven for Piano, performances by Caroline Senn (world premieres), Watertown and Beloit, WI '17,  Bay Psalm 23 and Bay Psalm 121, performance by Kühnův smíšený sbor, National Museum-Czech Museum of Music, Lenka Navrátilová, conductor, Prague '17, Skidmarks, for trombone and fixed media, performance by Simone de Haan, Sydney, Australia '17

Four Psalms Modal, recording, Kühnův smíšený sbor, Lenka Navrátilová, conductor, Prague '16, Kinetic Cowboy: Rin-Tin-Tinnabulations, (news release), exhibition of video and kinetic sound sculpture, DADS Galerie, Liberec, The Czech Republic '16, SeenSound Screening: Best of 2015, Men and Boats with the Nunique Quartet '16, SPEaster Reflex (Easter Reflections) for trio and fixed media, Red Door Theatre Group, Watertown and Beloit, Wisconsin '16

Audio Art Festival, Kraków, Poland '15, Musique Concrete, Klub Rybanaruby, Prague, experimental film and live improvisation '15, LaCrosse New Music Festival, UW-LaCrosse, Craig Hultgren performing, "Into the World," for 'cello and fix media, world premier '15, SeenSound Visual/Music Series, "Just After, Looking Back," Melbourne, Australia '15, SKELETON PIANO PIECES "Just After, Looking Back," BODYVOX, Portland, OR '15, Art Walk Sound Art Workshop, Watertown '15, Artistic/Technical Director, Sound Recording for vs. Interpretation, Agosto Foundation '15, Sound Art Workshops & Performance, Studio 84, Watertown '15, SPEaster Reflex for 3 percussionists and fixed media, Red Door Theatre Group, Watertown '15,  Body Sung Electric, Agnieszka Laska Dancers, Portland State University, Oregon '15, Sound Art Workshops, Prairie Music School, Sun Prairie '15, Sound Art Lecture, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Intermedia Classes '15, Composition Lecture, Maranatha Baptist University '15, Euterpe Music Club, lecture-presentation, Watertown '15, "Close, Then Far" for two flutes played by Elizabeth Robinson & Tammy Evans-Yonce, Kansas State University & South Dakota State University '15, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, McCormick Percussion Group, CD release of "Rivus," Ravello Records '15

NACUSA National Conference, read paper, Georgia State University, Atlanta '14, Artspace Flipside, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, performance by Dan and Caroline Senn '14,  MEX, Dortmund, Germany performance by Dan and Caroline Senn '14, Birke Symposium "Art in the Information Age," Marshall University, sound art/video installations and 3 concerts of Dan Senn's Works '14, WDR 3 (Radio): Studio Elektronische Musik: "The Catacombs of Yucatan" '14, University of Wisconsin Whitewater New Music Festival 2014, performance, "Skidmarks"(1982) for trombone and fixed media, played by J. Michael Allsen '14, Seensound: Visual Music Series, Back Room, performance, video and live electronics, Melbourne, Australia '14, Echofluxx 14, performance, "Its Mirror" for flute, Prague '14

PNEM Sound Art Festival, Space Band w/Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik, workshop, performance, Uden, The Netherlands '13, Flipside Gallery, Space Band w/Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik, performance, Eindhoven, The Netherlands '13, Visual/Music, Back Room, performance, A Chattering Field, video and live electronics, Melbourne, Australia '13, Intermedia Arts and Experimental Music, residency, Metropolitan State University, performance with Caroline Senn, Minneapolis '13, Dan Senn's International Space Band w/Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik, Inkijkmuseum, Eindhoven, Holland '13, Echofluxx Ensemble, Echofluxx 13, Prague, "A Crackling Field" for video and 5 performers '13, IN/OUT FESTIVAL: Laznia Contemporary Museum of Art, Gdansk, Poland, performance with Caroline Senn '13.

Art Centre Signe, (h)ear festival #2, "The Art of Sound," workshop, Dan Senn's International Space Band, presented by Mario van Horrik and Petra Dubach, Heerland, The Netherlands '12, Gallery AT, Poznan, Poland, "Breaking Apart," sound-video exhibition with Caroline Senn '12, van Abbemuseum, International Space Band w/Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik, Eindhoven, The Netherlands '12, Doe-de-Dommel, International Space Band w/Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik, Dommel, The Netherlands '12, Arts Powered Summer Institute, College of Idaho, sound workshops, Caldwell, Idaho '12, Echofluxx 12, Dam Patch, Dog Barking, performance, Prague, '12, Spring Concert, Micro-Dramatic Songs from Prague II, performance, Portland, OR '12, de Overslag, Dan Senn's International Space Band, performances & workshops, Petra Dubach & Mario van Horrik, Eindhoven, The Netherlands '12, Visual/Music, Back Room, performance, Short Rail, Dog Barking, performance, Melbourne, Australia '12.

EchoFluxx11, International Space Band, Prague '11, Unitaria, Prague, performances '11, From Different Points, Mumma's Incredible Sinking Violin, and Knocking Heads with Kafka, world premiers, Školska Galerie, Prague '11, Galerie ve Sklepě, kinetic sound installation, Prague '11, In Just Spring: Cascadia Spring Concert, world premiere of Cycling China for Gamelyde 2, Portland ''11, Winter Light, world premiere of On a Long Thin Table, music for the Angnieszka Laska Dancers, Portland '11, PNCA, lecture, Portland '11, Cherry Blossom Musical Arts, world premiere of Micro-Dramatic Songs from Prague II, Eugene, Oregon '11.

Les Petits Chanteurs, world premiere of "Lillian" for SATB boys choir, Port au Prince, Haiti '10, Cascadia Composers, world premiere of "Close, Then Far" for 2 flutes, Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, Oregon '10, "Cycling China," kinetic sound installation, residency, Nightingale Gallery, Eastern Oregon University '10, Birke Fine Arts Symposium: Giving Voice: Social Justice in the Arts, video, Marshall University, West Virginia '10, Princeton University, Composition Colloquium, lecture '10, Musical Instrument Museum, Civil War band video, Phoenix '10, NACUSA National Festival, Portland, world premiere of "Prague Songs," Portland '10.

10th Anniversary New Music Festival, performance, exhibition, UW-La Crosse '09, Floating Points Festival, Issue Project Room, performance, New York City '09, Princeton University Composition Colloquium, lecture '09, Academy of Performing Arts (HAMU), lecture, Prague '09, Prague Academy of Arts, residency, Atelier Kurt Gebauer, Hradec nad Moravici '09, Atelier Libusin, residency, Libusin, Czech Republic '09, Fear No Music, premiere of Cartwheels, Old Church, Portland, Oregon '09, Alexander Gallery, exhibition, lecture, Clackamas Community College, Oregon City '09, New York Virtuoso Singers, world premiere of S(H)e Visits Me, St. Ignatious Episcopal, New York '09.

UMBC New Music Ensemble, Peeping Tom, Baltimore '08, House of Art, Dvanáct bláznivych ptákü, Bludny Kámen Opava, exhibition, Czech Republic '08, Zahrada mrtvych zón, Prague, video installation/documentation '08, Fine Arts Academy, workshop, Münster, Germany '08, Atelier Libusin, residency, Libusin, Czech Republic '08, Montserrat Gallery, installation, Beverly, Massachusetts '08, Portland City Building, installation, Portland '08, Auzten Gallery, exhibition, Portland State University, Oregon '08

Caged (1980) for Fairlight CMI (12:10), 25th Anniversary Celebration, Electro-Acoustic Music Center, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee '07, Miller Fine Art Center Gallery, installation, Linfield College, Oregon '07, Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, Oregon, installations, lecture, film presentation '07, 4th International Biennale: Vestiges of Industry, panelist, workshop, Prague '07, Creatures in The City of Jeroen Bosch, s'Hertogenbosch, Holland, Space Band Project '07, Důl Mayrau, installation, Kladno, Czech Republic '07, Space Band Project, C.U.B.A.-Culture, Muenster, Germany '07, Asian Pacific Art Center, Tacoma, installation 07, Christine Donnell School of the Arts, Boise, Sound Art Workshops '07, "A House On Jungmannova," Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison, premiere '07, Portland Art Center, installation '07

International Space Band Project, workshops, performance, Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro, Oregon '06, Idaho Art Commission Workshops, Boise '06, 4+4+4 Days in Motion Festival, installation, Prague '06, Lublin Theatre, performance '06, Gallery AT, exhibition and lectures, Poznan, Poland '06, Roulette Intermedium, Location One, New York City, performance '05, NoD, video and lyde performance, Prague, Czech Republic '05, International Space Band Project, Portland, Prague, Kladno '05, Jump Start, residency, Oregon State University, Corvallis '05, Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, EAR Unit '05

New York City Public Library, Met Opera Percussionist performance '04, world premiere of M & M in E, Marshall University, West Virginia 04, Jail Installation, Basin Jazz and Art Festival, Montana Artist Refuge '04, Percussion Workshop, Portland State University '04, Composer Profile, Hubert Steins (producer), Berlin Radio '04

Oregon State University, residency '03, University of York, England, lecture '03, Center for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic, performance, workshops '03, Kunstakademie, Muenster, Germany, lecture, performance, '03, Bunkier Ztuki (City Art Gallery), Krakow, Poland, performance '03, Music Academy (CEM), Krakow, Poland, lecture '03, Logos Foundation, Ghent, Belgium, performance, lecture '03, Wittener Tage für Neue Kammermusik, Germany, Installation '03, Quiet Music Cultivation, Tacoma, performance '03,

da Vinci Film and Video Festival, film screening, Winner of da Vinci Award, Corvallis '02, Cornish College of the Arts, installations-workshops, Seattle '02, The Glass Museum, workshops, Tacoma '02, Evergreen State College, lecture, Olympia '02, "The Exquisite Risk of Civil War Brass," Milwaukee Public Television '02, The Art of Documentary Film, University of Washington-Tacoma '02, RTR-FM Melbourne, Australia, "Toons After Noon" '02, Diapason Gallery, exhibition, New York City, 2001, University of Minnesota at Moorehead, residency '01; Son et Lumiere: Volunteer Park Archeologies, Seattle, exhibition '01; 2000-2001 Artist Lecture Series, University of Minnesota, Duluth '01; Gallery 400, Chicago, installation '01; Stewart Middle School, residency '01

Charles Wright Academy, installation '00; Nature Consortium, Seattle, installation '00; Bellevue Art Museum Film and Video Festival, Washington '00; 18th International Sculpture Conference, Houston, panelist '00; Port Angeles Fine Art Center, sculpture park installation '00; Jason Lee Middle School, residency '00; Acoustic Animation, Arizona State University, installation '00.

University of Wisconsin, New Music Festival, La Crosse, performance, lectures '99; Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, performance '99; Roosevelt University, Chicago, lecture '99; Northwestern University, Evanston, lecture '99; University of Wisconsin, Whitewater, performance, lectures '99; Artspace, Seattle, installation '99; On The Boards, Seattle, performance '99; Port Angeles Fine Art Center, performance '99; Tacoma Art Museum, performance '99; Canberra National Multicultural Festival, Australia, performance '99; Commence Art Gallery, Tacoma, video installation '99; Webster School, residency '99.

Experimental Intermedia, New York City, performance '98; Metamedia Centre, Hermit Foundation, Plasy, Czech Republic, performance '98; Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, performance '98; Oregon State University, Corvallis, performance, lectures '98; Paper 7 Festival, Leopold-Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany, installation '98; Kästrich Galerie, Mainz, Germany, exhibition '98; Commencement Gallery, Tacoma, video installation '98; University of Washington, artist-in-resident, Tacoma '98; Sonic Circuits V International Festival, UW-Tacoma, installation '98.

Intermedia Arts, Minneapolis and Chicago, video '97; Galerie Schüppenhauer, Cologne, exhibition '97-98; Percussive Arts International Conference, Los Angeles, installation 97; Tweed Museum of Art, Duluth, installation '97; Pete's Pool Sound and Video Installation, Enumclaw, Washington, installation '97; Sonic Circuits IV International Festival, Tacoma, performance '97; Point Defiance Promenade, Tacoma, outdoor installation '97.

Audio Art Festival, Warsaw and Krakow, Poland, performances '96; Washington State History Museum, Tacoma, sound and video installation '96; Point Defiance Promenade, Sound Garden, permanent installation '96; Whitman College Art Department, Walla Walla, Washington, residency '96; First Night, Tacoma, sound and video installation '96; Falkirk Cultural Art Center, San Francisco, sound and video installation '96.

Red Eye Theatre, Minneapolis, performances '95; Metropolitan State University, St. Paul, residency '95, McKnight Foundation Fellowship, Spring Grove, Minnesota, sound and video installation in rural cave '95; Spokane Contemporary Arts Alliance (InterPlayers), performance '95; Philadelphia Nexus, installation '95; Moltkerei Werkstadt, Cologne, performance '95; Alte Feuerwache, Cologne, performance, '95; Feedback Studio, Cologne, performance '95; Den Andern Opera, Copenhagen, performance '95; Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, Holland '95; C.U.B.A.-Culture, performance, Muenster, Germany '95; MeX, Dortmund, Germany, performance '95; Cultereel de X, Leiden, Holland, performance '95; Penny Loucas Gallery, Tacoma, sound and video installation '95.

Roulette Intermedium, New York City, performance '94; First Night, Tacoma, sound and video installation '94; Open Space, Victoria, B.C., performance '94; Center On Contemporary Arts, Seattle, installation '94; Penny Loucas Gallery, Tacoma, installation '94; International Soundwatch Festival, Auckland, New Zealand, performance '94; Waikato Museum of Art, New Zealand, performance '94; Otago University, Dunedin, New Zealand, performance '94; Canterbury University, Christchurch, New Zealand, performance '94; Kittredge Gallery, Tacoma, exhibition '94; Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland, New Zealand, lecture '94.

Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle, performance '93; First Night Tacoma, installation '93; Wall of Sound, Seattle, exhibition '93; University of Illinois, Krannert Center '92; New Music Across America, Cleveland, performance '92; Sylvia Smith Collection Opening, University of Akron, installation '92.

Selected Awards and Grants: Installation Grant, Portland Building, RACC '08, Honarary Mention, New York Virtuoso Singers Choral Competition '08, Professional Development Grant, RACC '07, Special Projects Grant, RACC '05, da Vinci Film Festival, The Spirit of da Vinci Award for The Exqusite Risk of Civil War Brass '02, King County Arts grant for Son et Lumiere: Volunteer Park Archeologies '01; Washington State Arts grant for art documentary at Stewart Middle School, Tacoma '01; Seattle Art Commission development grant '00; Sound Transit development grant '00; Washington State Arts Commission grant for residency at Jason Lee Middle School, Tacoma '00; Greater Tacoma Community Foundation grant for 6X3 Festival '99; First Prize, Papier 7: Electric Paper, Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany '98; Tacoma Cultural Resources grant for 6X3 Festival '98; Washington State Arts Commission sculpture commission, University of Washington-Tacoma '98; The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation grant for 6X2 Festival '97; Artist Trust 10th Anniversary President's Award, Seattle '97; MetroParks Design Team Award for Sound Garden Installation '97; Tacoma Cultural Resources, Cultural Tourism Award '97; King County Public Arts Commission grant for Pete's Pool Sound and Video Installation '96; King County Radio Arts Festival commission for radio piece, KUOW, Seattle '96; Artist Resource Bank, Washington State Arts Commission '96-97; Special Projects Grant, Tacoma Arts Commission '96; On the Boards (NEA) commission for Waterdriven Canopy Lyre, Seattle '97; Tacoma Parks District grant for Sound Garden Installation (permanent) '96; Pierce County Arts curatorial grant for First Night installation '95, McKnight Foundation Fellowship for rural residency, Minnesota '95; Tacoma Arts Commission grant for International Connection workshop '95; Tacoma Cultural Resources grant for 6X Festival '95.

Published Scores: Cartwheels, piccolo and orchestra bells, Smith Publications '04, Ah ONE, vibraphones and bass violin, AM Percussion Publications, '93, Peeping Tom, voice and percussion, Sonic Arts Edition, Baltimore '88; Rivus, For Any Three Treble Instruments in the Same Key, Smith Publications, Baltimore, '85.

Published Articles: Dan Senn's Lyde Instruments, article by Jason Baker, RHYTHM! SCENE, vol.6 no.6, '19, Pendulum-based Instruments, Percussive Video, Sound Art, and the Permanence of Ephemeral Public Art, Organized Sound, England, Summer '98; The Catacombs of Yucatan Sound and Video Installation, Minnesota Composers Forum Newsletter, Vol.23, No.1 '96 (reprinted in the Leonardo Electronic Almanac, January '96); Sound Art and the International Connection, Cultural Resource Newsletter, Vol. 3, No. 4 '95; Systems for Non-Linear Instruments and Notation, Journal of New Music Research, September, Amsterdam, Holland '94; Non-Linear Instruments, Experimental Music Instruments, California, two parts '93; The Raku Composition Program, Interface, September, Amsterdam, Holland '91; Music Up Close, Puchong Gallery Notes, Winter '90; Standard Performance Practice, Soundsculpture and Scrapercussion, Percussive Notes, Research Edition, Autumn '83; The Application of Microcomputers to Music Composition as a Compositional and Clerical Tool, ICMC Proceedings '81, North Texas State University, Denton '81.

Recent Articles/Dissertations about Dan Senn: Interview by Michael Karman of Assymetry Music Magazine, March 2017, “Analysis of Dan Senn's 'Peeping Tom" by Jason Baker, Percussive Notes, January '12, The snare drum as a solo concert instrument: An in depth study of works by Milton Babbitt, John Cage, Dan Senn, and Stuart Saunders Smith, together with ... Stockhausen, and others, dissertation by Jason Colby Baker '05, Senn and the Art of Acoustic Sculpture, MyRoad, March 5, '01, Outside the music 'museum,' by Jen Graves, The News Tribune, Tacoma, April 22, '01; Zones of Magnified Power: Site Specific Sound Art, by David Means, PublicArtReview, Vol 11, #2, Spr-Sum '00.

Selected Audio Recordings: CDBaby Releases, Lyconbinates I, Approaching Aliska, Four Psalms Modal, '17, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, McCormick Percussion Group, CD release of "Rivus," Ravello Records '15, The Sound We Are Now, Aphasia Recordings, Ireland '07, The Noble Snare, "Peeping Tom" performed by Jason Baker, 11 West Records '05; Black Kids, White Man and Static, Gallery 400 release '01; The Catacombs of Yucatan, Periplum Records '98; Experimental Musical Instruments, Vol. VIII and IX, EMI '93, '94; Music and Texts, private '91; Scrapercussion Improvisations, private '89; Australian Computer Music, NMA Records, Melbourne, Australia '83.

Selected Collections: Volunteer Park Conservatory, Seattle (sound sculpture), Metro Parks-Tacoma (sound sculpture), University of Washington-Tacoma, sound sculpture; Sylvia Smith Archives, University of Akron, Ohio (scores, videos and instruments) '92-, University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse, ceramic sculpture collection; Gallery Schüppenhauer Collection, Cologne.