David Mahler's "The Art of Tape"

8pm, 938 Broadway, Tacoma, June 24, 1993, $5

Seattle composer and performer David Mahler will present an evening of his work entitled "The Art of Tape"--a variety of pieces for solo performer with tape recorder where the tape recorder is used as a live instrument. Mahler will present his compositions entitled "Beethoven in Minneapolis" (a study of pitch and rhythm), Speech With Interpreter" (demonstrates the art of talking backwards), Barbershop Quartet Names" (fourpart harmony with only one performer), "High Flyer" (features the recorded endings of 67 Sousa Marches) and other pieces."The Art of Tape" will be held at 938 Broadway in conjunction with the Pierce County Transit noon concert held at their new Broadway facility, and with the Tacoma Artists Resource Group afternoon fine arts fair. The event is Thursday June 24 and will begin at 8pm with a charge of $5 at the door and be preceded by a show of new paintings and chairs by Tacoma visual artist Kalee Kirschenbaum. The showing will begin at 6pm and continue after the evening event presented by David Mahler. David Mahler is the creator of the Washington State Centennial Bell Garden (1989), a permanent installation of twenty-eight ringing bells spanning a distance of 350 feet at a public outdoor space in downtown Seattle. This instrument is comprised of bells of various ages and sizes and is controlled by a computer program which rings the hours as well as plays new pieces written expressly for the Bell Garden by a variety of composers. David Mahler's scores writing and tapes are published through Frog Peak Music, Dartmouth NH.