Jaap Blonk in Concert
8pm, Tuesday, October 18, 1994, 8pm, $5

"Sound poetry comes alive only when you hear it. Covering a wide area between ordinary speech and 
singing, it can take many shapes: poems in fantasy languages, text written in self-invented symbols, or 
voice sounds that cannot be notated at all. Good sound poetry is very direct communication, the human 
voice speaking out immediately, not bothering about meanings. The imagination of the listener is allowed 
to wander freely... " (from Flux de Bouche jacket notes).

Jaap Blonk (born in 1953, Woerden Holland) is a voice performer and a sound poet is 
touring the United States presenting music from his current CD entitled Flux de Bouche, 
the latest album in a series of four. Trained in the pure sciences and in musicology, Blonk 
first developed his astonishing vocal technique by reciting the work of Antonin Artaud, 
Lucebert, and Kurt Schwitters where he discovered the directness and flexibility of vocal 
utterance. He has collaborated with contemporary artists such as Nick Collins, David Moss,
Tristan Honsinger and Guus Janssen and performed throughout Europe. Supported by a 
powerful stage presence and almost childlike freedom in improvisation he now comes to 
Newsense Intermedium and Tacoma for  this single performance at Shy Anne Studio, 
4218 North Cheyenne, Tacoma.
Reservations: Tel:/Fax (253) 759-2556 email: newsense@newsense-intermedium.com