Ros Bandt (Melbourne, Australia)

PERFORMANCE, Saturday, July 24, 1999, 7pm, Tacoma Art Museum.

Ros Bandt is a well known Australian sound artist who has practiced in the field internationally for over 20 years. She builds multimedia sound sculptures, interactive installations, composes environmental music and 'sounds' sites in unique ways. Voicing the Murray, Endangered Species series 1, commissioned by the Mildura Festival in March 1996, was a six channel acoustic ecology derived from the impact oftechnology on the Murray Darling Region. The stories and sounds wereinstalled in large ceramic urns in the Mildura Art Gallery for three weeks,during which time, they floated in differing relationships to each other,like the ebb and flow of the river Murray. Ros Bandt has won the joint ABC/WDR sound art award, the Don Banks Composers fellowship, and she was the inaugural Benjamin Cohen Scholar for peace andinnovation in Ball State University. Her works appear on MOVE records, ABCrecords, New Albion Records, USA. and Wergo, Germany. She has publishedinternationally in the area of Sound Sculpture in Australia and is writing abook on an Australian research grant at Monash University. Her doctorategained in 1983 was on Models and Processes in Repetitive Music. In 1996, hercommissions include Thrausmata, an electronic tape piece based on ancientGreek Texts for the WDR Cologne, and Are you really there? for the ABC's Listening Room. Her spatial computer piece, Loops was premiered at the ACMA conference in Brisbane in June and entered in the Prix Ars Electronica Linz.

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