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The Six Exquisites International Sound Art Festival III
July 21-24, 1999 at the Tacoma Art Museum, $4/$3 (children under 12 free)

A new generation of artists, some from the visual arts and others from the performing arts, are creating a new medium of ultra conscious work which exists somewhere within the continuum between sight and sound--in a world where sight becomes sound and sound becomes sight.

The Six Exquisites International Sound Art Festival III will bring to the Tacoma Arts Museum an exquisite collection of world renown sound artists in a four evening celebration of new and experimental work.

The festival will begin with a workshop-presentation-potluck where the artists will present examples of their work (Wednesday, 5pm, July 21) followed by three evening concerts (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 7pm, July 22, 23, 24) of individual presentations.

The featured artists are: · Klaus Runze (Bonn, Germany), a composer, improvisor, pianist, painter and builder of extraordinary scuptural instruments; · David Mahler (Seattle), a composer-performer and creator of The Washington State Centennial Bell Garden; · David Means (Minneapolis, MN), a composer, improvisor and buidler of fantastic sculpture-scores; · Susie Kozawa (Seattle), an improvisor, installation artist and instrument builder; · Ros Bandt (Melbourne, Australia), internationalyl known sound artist who builds multimedia sound sculptures, interactive installations, composes environmental music and 'sounds' sites in unique ways; · Dan Senn (Tacoma), an intermedia artist and performer, and recent first prize winner at the Papier 7 Festival, Düren, Germany for his sound and video installation Catacomb Memories.

FESTIVAL SCHEDULE (see full schedule)

Wed., July 21, 5pm, WORKSHOP and Artist Potluck, presentations by all the artists.
Thur., July 22, 7pm, PERFORMANCES by Klaus Runze (Bonn) and Dan Senn (Tacoma)
Fri., July 23, 7pm, PERFORMANCES by Susie Kozawa (Seattle) and David Means (Minneapolis)
Sat., July 24, 7pm, PERFORMANCES by David Mahler (Seattle) and Ros Bandt (Melbourne)

The Festival is co-sponsored by Newsense Intermedium of Tacoma and the Tacoma Art Museum and is funded by The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, the Australia Council, and the City of Tacoma Cultural Resource Division

For additional information call Newsense Intermedium at 253/759-2556 or
fax 253/759-2623 email
festival website:

Supported in part by the Australia Council.

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