Ball State University Shmoos Harp by Dan Senn Muncie, Indiana, August 1990 | Click photo to enlarge. . (hear play) | Constructed from pvc, nylon line, suspended resonator, speaker transducer, stereo amplifier and threaded piezos. Feedback loop: Gain from stereo amplifier (via speaker transducer on front and back of plate) is pushed into suspended silver platter. Resonance from platter travel by nylon line which thread piezo mics with output returning to stereo amplifier. Feedback is performed by applying weight (w/hands)to platter (nylon is continuously threaded to allow for easy change in string length). Instrument also played by bowing and plucking nylon lines, by using wind blown pendulums attached to upper lengths of nylon lines, and by tapping, scraping string and pvc chassis. | Main Index