Port Angeles Fine Arts Center Sculpture Park . . Three Awakenings for three roving FM stations, forest and participating patrons . May-June 2000 . A site specific installation made for the sculpture park adjacent to the Port Angeles Fine Arts Center consisting of three FM radio stations broadcasting a 45 minute meditative text to patrons outfitted with FM radios (head phones or boom boxes). While each station is tuned to the same frequency and broadcast identical texts, their range has a radius of only 50 feet and, therefore, the texts will apply uniquely to the context of their placement. The Arts Center staff will have the option to move these to different locations as a means of providing fuller discovery of the park, artwork and the inner self. . FM station maintenance and placement The stations, when fully charged, will run continuously for 8-10 hours before they must be collected and recharged. Each is equipped with a security loop for attachment to a tree, but they should be hidden to encourage daily discovery and rediscovery via FM radio. For this reason, black plastic bags are required enclose each station (these are 4"x10" cylinders with a 24" telescoping attenna) to keep the units clean and dry, and to encourage amouflage. The stations require about 13 hours to recharge. . MAIN INDEX