Pete' Pool Sound and Video Installation (1997) by Dan Senn . Installation Design: Video and Sculptural Aspects . Click diagram for more detail. . Video: Six monochrome monitors (amber and green) displayed local citizens telling stories of their experiences at Pete's Pool over the years. The anechdotesappeared within a Canopy Lyre, a sculptural instrument which played intermittently and in counter- point to the spoken sounds. The faces of those telling stories faded from darkness on the video monitors, told a story, and then faded into the white background. Sound sculpture: A specially designed sculptural instrument called a Canopy Lyre was stretched between tree trunks (trees unmarked), amidst the video monitors and within the grove of trees near the entrance of Pete's Pool. The instrument produced delicate bell-like sounds when metal resonators were struck by two foot long pine dowels. These were driven by the wind and electronically by sub-audio frequencies contained on two CD players.

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