Zakaz Vstupu

(2006) by Dan Senn ...................................

see video (8:14)

Zakaz Vstupu, which translates to something like "do not enter," was shot and edited over a 24 hour period for Kladno Zaporno, a festival which took place in a crumbling industrial park in Kladno, The Czech Republic, in September 2005. The piece seeks to do nothing other than document work activity in 4 locations near the festival site, the only sites which granted permission, and thus the title. The piece was shown continuously on a large screen throughout the festival mostly without recognition of the accompanying sound which was mostly masked by other events.

Having been reared in a blue collar family, and labored on construction sites, farms, and in factories at different times, I have great respect for those who work with their hands and I suppose this is why I so dearly love the films and music of Phill Niblock, a long time friend. Zakaz Vstupu is just a small sampling of men laboring in Kladno, The Czech Republic, in some cases quite dangerously, and has no intended meaning or purpose beyond the relevance to a wonderful festival produced by the MamaPapa organization of Prague.

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