Two Kids
on a
by Dan Senn


Two Kids on a Stump is an early rhythmic mapping of my 2 oldest children, Nicholas and Eliane, while they were standing atop an old apple tree stump near where Shy Anne Studio was being constructed in Tacoma, Washington in 1993. The concept of rhythmically mapping objects, kids, cars, buildings, geography, all of which was in-camera edited, with the immediacy and pressure of a musical improviation, was still in its infancy at this point as I had yet to shoot such video with the rotated video cluster in mind. The piece was taped over a 10 minute period, all the time kids whose play had been interupted would tolerate.

The accompanying sound was improvised on a bass shmoos harp prior to making the video and added afterwards as the length of the video and the improvisation were about the same. This plopping together of mediums intrigued me very much at this time, as it continues to, with simultanaities occurring quite by chance and therefore with a sense of magic and freshness.

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