Still Moving: Four Sides of a Japanese Language School (1998, 1999*) for video cluster and fayfer harp

or video cluster and live violin see videos '99vs, '18vs see stills press version for violin

Dan Senn with installation in Tacoma, Washington, 1998

Optional Setups: the same video source is played over all monitors or video projectors.

Three Monitor Setup: as given in the photo, place two 13-inch monitors, (must be identical) with tops touching, on top of a 27 inch monitor. Larger monitors (even projections) can be used with same cluster pattern. Two Monitor Setup: Use two monitors, (must be identical) with tops touching. Four Monitor Setup: Use cluster of four monitors (must be identical) grouped in a square with each monitor on a different axis . One monitor: Not acceptable accept for solo violin version*.

Program Note: Still Moving... is made from hundreds of still video camera shots composed in a rhythmic mapping of the exterior of a dilapidated building--the Japanese Language School located in Tacoma. In this piece, each frame is composed to exist both as an independent still and within the context of the entire building. As the piece speeds along, in a real- time narrative of the structure, perception is pushed to consider the literal, contextual, koleidescopic and rhythmic (both visual and aural) at once. Still Moving... was made while an artist-in-residence at the University of Washington-Tacoma in May of 1998.

Sound: The sound accompaniment for this piece is a live performance by Senn of his Fayfer Harp, a spindly sculptural instrument developed in the early 1990s. Pre-recorded sounds of the same, from Senn's Eight Ways to Fix a Windmill (Periplum Records 1998) may also be used. A special CD version of Eight Ways... is supplied with the VHS HIFI tape. A digital 8 version with sound and video also available.

Duration: 12' 30"
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