December Quivering (1998)
by Dan Senn
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Note: Use head-
phones or a large
PA to hear entire
sound spectrum

"Visable and invisible motion merge along a continuum at
about 20 cycles per second."
"Sub-audible vibrations may be experienced as periodic and rhythmic
motion, like a leaf oscillating in the wind."
"Audible vibrations are an "invisible" form of periodic motion and are
experienced as sound." (Cyclical Motion: Ten Truisms)

December Quivering is a study of sub-audible motion in nature. The piece began minutes after unboxing my first digital camera, a Sony VX1000, and was filmed in the yard near my Tacoma studio in 1998, in the nearby neighborhood, at the Point Defiance Sound Garden, and at a city nature preserve, all in the same afternoon. The video is unedited with scenes presented as they were shot. The work as presented here is accompanied by a 2020 sound improvisation using Ableton Live and the sounds of an espresso maker in action and then large pieces of velum being snapped. Prior to this version, the work was accompanied by my auto-playing soundsculptures in gallery installations and as live improvisations for prescenium performances. In either case, the image rotation in this video was realized, when possible, by using multiple monitors, usually two. DS

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