The Exquisite Risk of Civil War Brass
 The 1st Brigade Band - Winner at the da Vinci Film and Video Festival

A documentary by Dan Senn | Director Bio

Dan Senn is a transdisciplinary artist working as a filmmaker and video installation artist, but also as a builder-performer of sculptural instruments, a composer of classical music and a ceramic artist. For many years his video work has been ethnographically oriented, usually as part of his sound sculpture installations, with "The Exquisite Risk of Civil War Brass" being a rare example of traditional documentary film. As diverse as his work can be, a consistant theme runs throughout with indelible connections to the raku ceramic process which he first experienced as an undergraduate music and art student. This process, which is Japanese in origin, purposefully uses difficult to control materials and tools to realize artifacts less encumbered by human expression, a concept so much at odds with Western aesthetics that it fundamentally shifted Senn's in his early twenties. Therefore, his work, in one way or another, consistantly captures or incorporates this essence of raku and in this documentary, he is intent on uncovering the impact that the purposeful use of vintage Civil War brass instruments has had on an extraordinary community band from Watertown, Wisconsin. click on self-portrait to enlarge

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