A House On Jungmannova 4+4+4 Days in Motion A documentary by Dan Senn



This is a documentary about a house on Jungmannova street, near the center of Prague in the
 Czech Republic; about the "4+4+4 Days in Motion" festival held in May of 2006, its organizers,
 artists and patrons; about the location and Jewish origin of this structure, its establishment as a
 standing work of art and how this impacted the festival participants; about the patrons, as they
 entered a building replete with "code violations," small children in tow struggling up the steep
 and dangerous staircases, pressed to question whether one thing was art or, perhaps, just some
 refuse left behind; about an organized confusion which encouraged artists to continue preparing
 and developing installations after the day of the opening; and, about the delicate
 interconnections which existed between the festival participants and the mutual benefits
 which exceeded the sum of its parts.

Throughout the festival, as I maintained my own installation, I talked with many Czech artists
 while documenting their work and the house, and as I moved through the mysterious,
 Kafkaesque warren of rooms and hallways, I learned the necessity of retracing my steps over
 and over to discover and rediscover new and changed installations. For this was part of a larger
 concept, one which encouraged patrons to return to the house, to remount the stairs, stepping
 carefully around the clutter, and to observe a festival-in-progress, in A House On Jungmannova
. DS 10/06
(continued in Supplemental Writings)


Director Biography

Dan Senn is an interdisciplinary artist working in kinetic sound sculpture, experimental music
 and video, documentary film, and other media. In the tradition of a composer, he works alone,
 as director, videographer, photographer, interviewer, editor, etc. His installation work often
 combines video, sound and moving sculpture and his 2001 documentary, "The Exquisite Risk of
 Civil War Brass," won at the Da Vinci film festival.

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