Approaching Ališka
by Dan Senn
for a video
Blažím se k Elišké
April 7
Prague, The Czech Republic
and sound
Living not far from Karlovo náměstí in Prague, I have often passed the statue of this brave Czech woman and on this rainy spring day, with my video camera in-hand, I spontaneously decided to document rising out of the Metro (subway) on the escalator which opened onto the gaze of Eliška Krásnohorská over and over and over while capturing the scenes as presented. My camera was hand held and the music plopped on top without reference to a message with a seasoned confidence that meaning would arise from
anything framed.

Listen with headphones or over a good sound system as
the repetitive occurences of the moving steps pushes perception
towards the sound and thus helps sustain the work.

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Eliška Krásnohorská (1847-1926, living in Prague) was a Czech feminist author who wrote works of lyric poetry and literary criticism. She is usually associated with children's literature and translations, including works by Pushkin, Mickiewicz and Byron but wrote the libretti for several operas by Bedřich Smetana including The Kiss, The Secret, The Devil's Wall and Viola. Her poetry was also use by Anton Dvořák songs. In 1890 she founded the Minerva School in Prague, the first gymnasium for girls in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Its language of instruction was Czech.