Es Ist So Einfach Zu Sterben (2005)

Live Improvised Music by Dan Senn

1 Es Ist So Einfach Zu Sterben (for Fayfer and Shmoos instruments) 6:28
2 Big Brown Lyde (for Lyde instrument) 1:38
3 Hissy Fit (for Lyde instrument) 1:44
4 Ms Schlei (for Fayfer instrument) 1:54
5 Bipolar Bird Cage (for Fluttering installation instrument) 2:40
6 Four Bells Turning (for Lyde instruments) 5:56
7 Late Takes (Scrapercussion) 5:06
8 Gandydancer (for prepared Bass Violin) 5:21

All music performed, edited and engineered by Dan Senn.
All sculptural instruments designed
and built by Dan Senn.

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