Selected Recordings
Scored Music
by Dan Senn
Dam Patch, Dog Barking (2012)
For two flutes.
Close, Then Far (2010)
For two flutes.

La Bohéme (2010)
For violin and piano.

Over Ready's Bluff (2009)
For clarinet, piano and bass.
S(H)e Visits Me (2004)
A cappella choir

Skidmarks (1981)
Trombone and Fairlight CMI

Rivus (1985)
Any three treble instruments
in the same key.

Peeping Tom (1985)
Snare drum and voice

Anatom for Sal (1996)
Solo piano

Ah ONE (1992)
For two vibraphones and bass.

Ah Too (1990)
For percussion ensemble.


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